Learn the 17 Times Table in 2 minutes!

A class of 25, 12-year-old students at Green Island School. Dunedin, New Zealand, set a new world record for learning the 17 times table in just 2 minutes, under the stopwatch of their proud teacher.

The record was set on Friday October 27, 2000, when Frances More taught her new maths system to the South Island school.
The entire Year 8 class were then taught how to use this table to the limit.
The classroom teacher and Frances were kept busy writing up new calculations on the large white board for the class to work out. 

The results were tremendous!!!

17X984=16728 was no problem for these youngsters.

Division, equivalent and improper fractions were also taught in the same 2 minutes because the patterns are easily recognized by the student.

Wouldn't you like your students to learn at the same rate???

Are you interested in building up your own mathematical abilities in just minutes too???

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Elephants Never forget their times tables
Listen to Your Fingers

The 17 times tables are cute and have a pattern (add digits together).

17  1+7 =                           8
34  3+4 =                           7
51  5+1 =                           6
68   6+8 = 14, 1+4=           5
85   8+5 = 13, 1+3=           4
102  1+0+2 =                     3
119    1+1+9 = 11, 1+1=    2
136   1+3+6 = 10, 1+ 0 =  1
153   1+5+3 =                    9
170   1+7+0 =                    8

When you use this Multi Sensory Fingerithmatic system to put these onto your fingers, you will have them with you wherever you go.  Frances generally teaches adu;lts the 17 times table to show them how the multi-sensory teaching system works. If they are already familiar with the 17 times table, she will teach them one they do not already know. By doing this the parent can see just how their child will learn and remember their tables too.

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