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Further Discoveries along the way
Discovery History
  • By the number of concerned parents and teachers seeking the assistance of this method for their children, proves beyond a doubt that there is a real need for this form of “outside the box” teaching!

  • After only one teaching lesson, these parents are able to help their children with the rest of their learning!. 

  • This shows the simplicity of the system and also its effectiveness. 

  • Take advantage of this opportunity and give your students a helping hand toward meeting their real potential!

I enjoyed working with the young school leavers and other adults who had slipped through the school system.
 Helping them gave me confidence along with the support of fellow tutors to not only change my life and the lives of others, but to earn a living at the same time
In 1999, my manager sent me to The Aoraki Polytechnic, to gain some further qualifications in Adult Teaching (C.A.T); it was through the wonderful teaching of Nicki Hannan, that I was able to develop this new technique. Nicki showed our whole class a way to remember ten things by the use of visualization. It was amazing!! I used what she had taught us on my students. It was great but limited to objects, how was I going to help them remember their tables? 

Our fingers move, and we all have ten fingers and the Times Table goes to ten, therefore, if I could somehow put the numbers on the fingers I would have a way that I could help my students learn them in the very short time that I had to spend with each one. That very night, after much debating with myself as to how I would keep the numbers on the fingers, I came up with the beginnings of my new system. YES!! 

I arrived at work the following day with my prototypes, much to the amusement of the staff and students, but I was determined to see if they would work. A few of the students were not prepared to become my guinea pigs, but those who did were soon exclaiming the praises of the system.  Those who had not wanted to take part previously, were now lining up to learn their 17 times table and were most impressed with themselves when in just ten or so minutes they had learned them. 

This was the beginning of something really special, as the learning continued, so did the amazing things that this system allowed; division and equivalent fractions all at the same time. 

The photograph above is taken from the front page of The Otago Daily Times.
These students were the first ones taught on Frances' visit to Macandrew Intermediate and this photograph was taken on the third day of her visit, all of the children in that class had learnt their 7 times table and were able to recall them all after this time proving again the value of Fingerithmatic in the school curriculum. 

After teaching at many schools, the Fingerithmatic System is expanding and broadening to fill even more learning gaps than at first thought possible. The potential of this system has not yet been realized and most likely never will, as the fingers' ability to store and recall information is unlimited.

Analogue Time (September 2001)

Teachers at a school where I successfully taught several classes their math's times tables were also anxious for a program that taught Analogue Time. After considering the matter for a few days I came up with a really simple technique that is being taught at several schools throughout New Zealand. There is a resource available through this site with full explanations and graphics.

Touch Typing (October 2001)

As there is a world trend towards the use of computers, being able to touch type is becoming a necessity. In this fast paced system we all live in, speed and accuracy are also a must. 
I have developed a way where the fingers can hold the memory of the entire keyboard on them and it is taught to large groups of students in an hour and a half. It is best taught to someone who has not built up any bad typing habits, but with time and effort these bad habits can be overridden. It is also a fun way to learn as each finger has its own story to remember.

Spelling  (June 2002)

Again a need arose for the development of a new teaching concept and as the finger memory potential is bottomless, where else better would this new technique be applied to other than the fingers?  A simple yet absolutely wonderful way for remembering complex spelling can be easily mastered by the student using the few tips that are with him at all times. Remember that their is no need for any actual writing of the letters on the fingers, only the memory technique is necessary. 

Reading  (December 2003)

"If you can come up with a reading program for students who can't read, you will be famous!" This was told to me some time ago and I am currently working on a program that has huge potential. Using the 3 R's this reading program is already a winner. I worked with a young girl whose 2 older sisters were book worms and when she wouldn't pick up a book to read, her mother became concerned enough to contact me. With a few weeks we were spelling on our fingers and putting new words on her fingers and the confidence she got from her fingers being able to remember and recognize each new word that was embellished on her tiny hands, she just glowed and took to books, even reading them backwards word for word to show me she just wasn't remembering the story, but remembering each word.

Addition and Subtraction on the Hands  (Feb 2003)

After demonstrating my times tables technique at an Auckland school, a teacher noticed a pattern and explained to me that I could use the same patterns for Addition. I now have taken that one step further and have helped several children to learn their addition patterns on their fingers too. I am currently writing another book specifically on this subject as the new method will be of huge benefit to children who cannot learn by using current or traditional teaching methods.

Motivational Technique (April 2004)

Many students today suffer from broken homes, family crises, and drug abuse. In order to help these ones I developed a self esteem program that I call Helping Hands. The fingers can hold so much information and this is easily accessed by the brain. With the brain's amazing order system, positive adjectives that are relevant to the child can be quickly and easily taught to the fingers and whenever the child is feeling down or unloved he just needs to open up his hands and the memory that was imposed onto his hands will appear and encourage him.

Learn the Alphabet and How to Construct all the Letters

This  is going to be one of the most amazing ways children can learn their alphabet ever!! Not only will they learn how to construct the letter, but will learn where it belongs in the alphabet at the same time. The book is almost ready to be copyright protected, if you would like to order your copy, please do so now.

Quick States (July 2005)

In July of 2005 after living in the United States for 8 months, I decided that I wanted to learn all of the 50 states and their capital cities in order for me to be able to have another learning system up my sleeve. It took me 3 hours to work out the patterns and attach them all to my fingers and I can easily recite them backwards from Wyoming-Cheyenne to Alabama-Montgomery. It is amazing to see Americans over-awed by a New Zealander achieving this new feat.

The book is now copyrighted and It is available. through this website,

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