Let Fingerithmatic make your teaching fun and effective for your children and especially for yourself. 

Hundreds of families throughout New Zealand and overseas are benefiting from the Fingerithmatic method of teaching mathematics. It is very quick and fun, leaving much more time for other parts of the curriculum.

 It is so easy that the younger ones in the family learn the patterns at the same time as the older ones, making math more fun than ever before. There is no end to the amount of times tables patterns that the fingers can hold. Yours may be the only children on the block that know their 73 times tables!
Math patterns are not all the fingers can hold. All sorts of sequences can be remembered on the fingers, making them powerful learning tools.

Little treasures after a teaching session. Their mother learnt to touch type in less than 5 minutes! 
Homeschooling is a growing trend over the entire world, as parents seek advantages for their children which they may not receive in the crowded classroom. Children thrive with the love and security provided within the walls of their own family home, yet still get to meet other children who are likewise being taught, for outings and peer association.

The importance of purchasing the right resources for their children and the cost of such is on the minds of these parents who have taken on a huge responsibility, the future of their offspring.
Many resources are recommended by the Homeschooling Association and as Fingerithmatic is still a very newcomer to the education scene it is not as yet well known.

The results that the developer has had with the multitude of homeschooling families in New Zealand are of significant importance to other families who may be becoming frustrated with the speed at which their children are learning their times tables.

The resources provided through this web site are designed especially for use in the family home and are fully compatible with all other resources. 
Get your youngsters as young as three to learn to count in groups ready for long multiplication when they are older.
Computer Skills
To keep up with technology many parents have purchased a home computer to help their children access the Internet in order to further their studies. Children learn to type in their own fashion finding the keys they need to use first of all by the chicken method, 'find and peck' and then by seeking out the most common letters without any order or pattern. .Bad habits start early, this is the time to learn the keyboard when they are still young.

Qwertyqwik is a very simple way to teach children as young as 5 where all the letters are on the keyboard with great success and the advantages of knowing where a key is instinctively, rather than having to put a search out for it, must surely make the time spent more valuable. This leaves precious time for what all children really want to do, play!
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New to Home Schooling due to mask mandates? This website and resources will help you sail through quickly and with great results. The teaching is unique and your children will thank you.