July 6, 2007

Frances. Put your awesome brain on this. My daughter and I are taking piano. We are having a devil of a time trying to learn to read music.

After reading through your website and looking at the typing program I thought maybe, just maybe,
you could get my old brain and her young one to wrap around this whole sight reading thing.

Oh, also, I was curious about the math program. My daughter is starting 3rd grade (and
multiplication tables) and my son is starting 1st grade. My son loves math (typical, huh?).

My daughter, not so much. DO you think your program would help her addition, subtraction and
multiplication? Is it super expensive to ship to the USA?

Thanks for any info. Take Care,
Michelle in Mississippi

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for your cheery letter!! I had a teacher in New Zealand interested in doing the music thing on the fingers with me, but she lived 2 hours drive away and we never did quite get around to getting together to do it. I am living in Pennsylvania now and still a long way from where you are in Mississippi. I am sure it can be done though, but the problem is that I need to learn music myself in order to be able to apply it to the fingers, I seem to be only able to teach what I know, and believe me, that awesome brain of mine has its limits. I am too busy to learn anything new at this stage, but I will keep trying.

My sister learned piano when she was young, but my parents had 6 other children and only enough money for one child to learn music, I did manage to learn one song and that was Mary had a little lamb, but I couldn't read the music either, I just watched where she put her fingers on the keys and copied her.
I learned the guitar for a year when I was about 10 and I do remember all of the chords on my fingers. It is a matter of saying the note out loud as you are playing it eg, AAA GGG DDD AAA CCC your brain will associate the note with the letter and before too long you won't have to say it anymore, it will just come by itself.

Your sweet daughter will be able to learn math very quickly and competently using my method. The addition subtraction is in the Listen to your fingers book along with all the table patterns and the technique.

If you read one of my newsletters you will find a story about a young girl who had a 22% score in basic math and after only one lesson with me it went up to 67% Her mother was delighted and booked her in for another lesson on my follow-up visit.

I do visit other states and only need a couple of schools to make the visit worthwhile. This is just something to think about.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Thank you for the suggestion, maybe I should write a multi sensory guitar teaching book!!

Warmest regards,

Francee More

Hi Francee
Many thanks for the chart and for your kindness towards Georgie. We really appreciate your help.
Take care,

Dear Francis,
Will I be receiving the book when it is complete?  I frankly was surprised at the small size of the 'Listen To Your Fingers'  book, considering the price and now I'n not receiving a 'Spell Quick ' book?!?  Please explain.  I guess I misunderstood just what I was ordering.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your kind response to my letter. I am sorry that you found the Listen to your fingers book very small, but if you read it, you will find that in it there is everything you need to know about teaching the times tables to the fingers. The book was written for children to teach themselves and I have never had a copy returned. The elephant book is a lot bigger being 140+ pages in size, but it teaches the same patterns as does your book, being filled with worksheets and games etc and a few higher math concepts. I was told by many teachers that the Listen to Your Fingers book was a very useful tool in the classroom as the fingers showed the number patterns that the children needed to learn, along with how simply it teaches division and also addition and subtraction, making it a very valuable resource.

The Spell Quick was to be a web page that the customer had access to for 4 weeks. I decided that I would send an email with the contents attached to make things easier. I kept the process as short as possible so the teacher and student could get right on into teaching and learning the method without screeds of unnecessary jargon to read through. Time is always of the essence here and the reason for the way it is written is to correspond with the name....Spell Quick. Imagine taking 6 weeks to get through a huge book just to find out that you talked the letters of the word you want to learn onto your fingers using a very simple method! I am sure you would then be really disappointed. With the attachment not being very large, you can easily print off a copy for yourself, just delete the background color by pressing no fill in the format menu, and get straight into helping your child learn to spell quickly using this amazing memory system or using the Scrabble method that is also described.
I have spent many hours explaining my teaching concept on the web site, and as my books can only be purchased through the Internet, I feel that I don't need to include all of this information in the books as well.
The reason for the cost of the books being so high is that you cannot get this information from any other source in the world (and as yet they are self published, meaning we have to pay all the costs ourselves.) I thank you so much for recognizing this and making your purchase. I will send you a hard copy of the book which will include the alphabet teaching concept too. But so far it is only 39 pages long and might not make it to 45. That is the joy about multi sensory learning, it is fun and quick to write and teach and learn.

Many thanks again for your kind response to my letter, I hope this answers your questions. I have your address, so I will send you a copy when they go to print.

Sincerely yours,

Frances More

Dear Frances,
Thank you for your quick response.  I have read the book and we will be working on the Fingerithmatics over the summer.  If it works it will have been worth every penny I spent.  My son is dyslexic and 4th grade has been difficult to say the least.  Spelling and math have become very difficult.  Hopefully your programs will help.  I'm sorry if my e-mail seem a bit harsh.  I'm just frustrated with other programs I've ordered and our school systems in general - no room for alternative types of learning.  Again, thanks for your response and we'll be working on your programs this summer.

Thank you Frances,
I was very interested in the website and your finger-is-system!
My son was diagnosed with Dyspraxia a year ago and I am also thinking now that he has some elements of Dyslexia mixed in as well. He is 6. We are NZers living overseas at the moment. The school he is in is very demanding and I have been very worried as I dont want him to be put off from learning. It wasn't such an issue in New Zealand as they were much more accommodating and sympathetic.
Anyway if your system can help him with addition/subtraction, typing skills, spelling and later multiplication I would want to give you a huge big HUG!!!
I would like to purchase your books. I can do this from New Zealand as they could be sent to my mother's address. We ae returning to NZ for a holiday in July/August. I could also send a NZ cheque or use an NZ credit card. If you or one of your agents were teaching the system in the North Island in those months and needed some extra students I may be able to arrange to come. We will be in Wellington for most of the holidays.
What an amazing brain you have to design this system.
Ka Kite from a fellow Kiwi overseas..
Kay F

I want to give you a hug too!! My middle son struggled with Dyslexia too, and it took a lot of work to get recognition for this. The school teacher didn't want to know, just said that he would be alright!!! Fortunately in those days SPELD came into existence and he received some help. He didn't even know what day it was or even what month it was, nor what time of day it was, he had not developed any of these skills. In one weekend however, a teacher named Sally Hewitt managed to teach him all of these, he didn't look back. I will be eternally grateful to her, it really changed our lives

First I need the cost and time of training that you need to develop the program. Second, I want to explore the possibility that my teachers go to United States when you have the materials and take the workshop. What do you think?
I have much interest  in participate...
Thanks a lot, Rosa
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