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Listen To Your Fingers    $49.95
This wonderful resource book has been specifically designed for children who have learned how to read, but have not learned how to do mathematics, in particular the times tables. It is also an invaluable tool for teachers, teacher aides and homeschooling parents. 

This page was last updated: November 1, 2014
This manual has each of the different patterns needed to learn the first 12 times tables, it goes on to show how to multiply, divide and find other patterns. This book was written after the author, Frances More, worked with adults who had 'slipped through' the education system without the necessary skills to gain employment and take care of their own financial affairs. 

One of her teenage students bought a $600 car and was paying it off $20 per week for 18 months. She asked him if he knew how much he was actually paying for the car. He said "No". She then showed him the benefit of knowing his times tables. She got him to work out how many weeks there were in a year by roughly multiplying 4 weeks by 12 months. He drew 12 lines four times and then counted them all. This came to 48, she showed him there were actually 52 weeks an extra 4 with all the extra days added. She then asked him to cut this number in half which would mean half a year. This he did and he found 26. Then she got him to add 52 and 26 together. He managed to get 78.  She then told him that to find out how much he was going to spend on the car he had to multiply 78 by 20. She explained that he didn't need to multiply the 0 because that could be added later, just double the figure and then add the zero. When he worked out the car was going to cost him $1,560.00 he almost fell over. He later sold the car, having lost all interest in it. He understood then the need to have math skills in life!


If you fear that your child is also struggling to keep up with his or her peers, then this book is for you. The speed in which it teaches will have them up with their classmates in a few weeks if the simple instructions and hand diagrams in the book are followed closely.
Your fingers can tell you so much…

They can also remember…..

Welcome to an exciting new, yet very old way of remembering. (Proverbs 7:3) “...tie …. to your fingers and sound it down into your hearts”

We have all heard about tying a piece of string around our finger in order not to forget something important. This was called a Forget me Knot.

The Times Tables are a very important part of our learning, a lot of us have trouble remembering them and unless we do learn them we find other math concepts difficult to do and understand.

Here is the story of a young boy called Bobby and how he learned all about the memory in his fingers, it can be your story too.

Yes, Your fingers really can talk to you!! All you need to know is how to listen to them!
See the smiles on the faces of your children as they show you the times tables on their fingers!
"Why didn't we learn our times tables like this??? We would have been rocket scientists by now!!"
Included in this book is the amazing way to add and subtract that every child should know about