Helping Hands

As with each of the other multi-sensory concepts that Frances More has discovered, this one is proving to be exceptional in its simplicity and adeptness.


  • Does your school have children with low self esteem and self worth?
  • Does your school have children in attendance who are becoming out of control?
  • Have you tried every sort of counseling available?
  • There is now help at HAND!! Contact the developer Frances More for her latest in multi-sensory techniques.


Is fighting a barrier to the peace and harmony that should be in your school or playground?

Does your child hurt others to make him/herself feel better?

Aggression is the result of many different circumstances all compounding together.

In these critical days children have many fears and insecurities and in order to make themselves look bigger and stronger than they actually are, some pick on others.
Often in homes and in classrooms there is little time spent on offering praise or for instilling the necessary affirmations for forming good internal dialogue. If a child doesn't feel loved, cherished and special, then the internal dialogue will become negative. It is not that parents or teachers purposely omit to tell their children these things; a lot of the time it is assumed that they know these things regardless of being told.

Frances is happy to talk to all schools who are wishing to help the students learn these new Helping Hand techniques. She may be contacted through this site. Mark the subject line on the email with the words HELPING HAND for prompt assistance.

(All correspondence is classified as confidential and no records will be kept or taken other than payment notices.)


Have you, or do any of your family members suffer from low self esteem, low self respect, lack of self confidence or depression? If so, contact the developer for your own personal designer program. As we are all unique individuals, our needs may be different to those of another. 
Recently, Frances was asked if she could use her Multi-sensory teaching system to assist those with low self esteem, to actually alter the internal dialogue that each of us uses each day without even thinking about it.

This internal dialogue can in some cases be very negative and can set the tone for the day or even our whole lives if not interrupted and exchanged by positive messages. These messages have to be learnt and repeated many times to combat the old negative messages. As the 3 R's are vital for all sorts of learning,

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

is just as important when it comes to implanting and maintaining positive internal dialogue.

Imagine the mind as a lot of different pathways, motorways, tracks, trails, highways, byways, alleys, pavements, roads, streets and bridges. When we need to get somewhere, we usually take the shortcut or the shortest route available. However, when it comes to our internal dialogue, the route we take is often the short cut along a dirt road full of pot-holes, ditches and dips. We have traveled on it so much that we know where all the pitfalls are, but little do we know that as we tear along them we are actually forming ruts in the tracks of which we can't get out, well not without external help anyway.

This shortcut is actually built on lack of opportunity, self doubt, mistakes, bitterness, bad associations and negative experiences that have left us hurt and robbed. This shortcut is a path to self destruction, it has to be bulldozed and replaced by a sealed highway, the literal highway to happiness! The first step however is wanting to build the new highway and getting planning permission from your inner self to do the construction work. It is at great personal cost for a short time, but the long term benefits will far outweigh any shortfall now.
"Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable you will never be able to truly change at all, because you'll be forever under the control of things you can't give up."

As we know, before any road construction can take place, a temporary track has to be used in the meantime. This track is only needed while the construction work on the main highway is underway and will be dismantled when the Highway is officially opened with a huge party and lots of balloons!
The bulldozers (the fingers) are now called in and these demolish any trace of the original short cut. No way is any negative dialogue to take place. With the backwards and forwards movement of the bulldozer working on the new highway, it is soon ready for the grader and then the roller and finally the tar and seal.

As the fingers are directly linked to the brain through amazing pathways, this literal highway is quickly built, but as with all road construction a certain amount of repairs and maintenance must regularly occur. This is where a parent, teacher or peer needs to help younger ones, by going over the simple steps on a regular basis until a marked improvement in behavior is noticed. Always the 3 P's must be given  

Praise, Praise and Praise!

For your individual needs, contact Frances and she will prepare a program specifically for you.

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