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Impending Teaching Trip to South Island, NZ February 14 - March 18, 2017 for family members with Dyslexia and Autism
Please show your interest in this MULTI SENSORY training NOW!!
Fill in your details and any educational needs you have.
 The developer currently lives in the USA. 
Tell your friends about it and organise a group session with reduced rates!
Troy showed off his times tables yesterday - 7's were perfect!  He was pleased with himself  - we did random answers too, and he got them all right too!  We'll book you again - Judy
Hi Frances
I just did your course today for homeschoolers organized by Annie De Beer at Red Beach. I LOVED it - you are an amazing lady, and I feel you actually imparted a life-skill in terms of being able to quickly learn and remember facts, whether the keyboard, timestables or handwriting. You are a very clever, "think outside the square", practical, humourous, down to earth lady. My Mum, my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you. (I wish your alphabet/handwriting book was available right now!! I'm currently teaching my 5 year old twins to write, and its quite a process!)  It was amazing to watch my daughter in action learning the 7 times table. Thank you for coming even though we were a small group. I would like to order your "Elephants Never Forget" book -
I wholeheartedly support the idea of you producing a teaching DVD - I suspect it would be far easier for most of us to follow than a book. It would be a really valuable resource for a school/homeschool library.
Also, I thought of a question....when I've taught my girl a times table, how long and often should I keep reinforcing it until I introduce a new one? (For example should we just do one Times table each day for about six weeks??) What would be the proof that she knows it well enough so that if I introduce something else I won't confuse her?
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kind regards and thanks so much again,