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Learn how to teach Fingerithmatic to your students. Training includes all facets of Fingerithmatic, including times tables, long multiplication, division, equivalent fractions, improper fractions, 3 different times tables at once, 999X tables, odds and evens, family of facts, percentages, decimals, turning your hands into a calculator, analogue time and much more.
Learn how to teach Fingerithmatic

Fingerithmatic School Math Teaching Package:

$500.00 Teacher training sessions usually (90 -120 minutes) with up to 20 teachers for best results.
$250.00 Classroom sessions with 30 students, 1 teacher and 2 teacher aides, (60 -90 minutes). 
$350.00 Teacher Aide training  up to 20 aides including 1 or 2 of the most challenging students (60-90 minutes)
Special Needs students are to be made available at each aide training session in order for the teacher aides to be able to see how to use their new found teaching skills on a student's fingers.
The school will be responsible for providing an itinerary of each training session.

All aspects of the Fingerithmatic mathematics program will be covered.

This is remarkable teaching, to see a whole school benefit greatly in only a few hours.

Parent Evenings  can be run in conjunction with school visits $25.00 per family. This is advertised in the school newsletter and only for parents with children attending the school; grandparents and other siblings most welcome. This is a good way to raise funds for your school by adding on a small amount to the course costs. 7:00-8:30 pm. 
Normally the cost per family is $75.00 per lesson.

The teaching may take several days depending on amount of teachers at the school. Training sessions should not consist of more than 20 teachers to get the best results. Special needs students are to be made available towards the end of each training session in order for the teachers to be able to practice their new found skills with a student. 

Please contact Frances to discuss and book this unique professional training. 
Achievement Certificates to be supplied on request.

Cost depends on size of school

Home Schoolers

1-2 hours Homeschool Fingerithmatic training at $45.00  per homeschool tutor (minimum of 10 home-school tutors) This is a fabulous way to meet other homeschoolers and keep up with the latest multi sensory teaching methods.  

2-4 hours Homeschool training at $60.00 per homeschool tutor (minimum of 10) Includes all aspects of Multi Sensory teaching Fingerithmatic, Qwertyqwik, Spell Quick, Read Quick and Quick Time

Individual Private Tuition for families $75.00 per session. This is ideal for children who are having difficulties. Parents are skilled as to how to help with future learning. Children generally leave this session with smiles on their faces and "wings on their fingers and springs in their heels". 

If you are not a homeschooler and would still like this training for your family, just find another few families with children who would also benefit from this wonderful memory system and contact Frances for an appointment.

How many systems are there that teach maths in only minutes? Most schools would take over a year to teach the same as this system can teach in just 90 minutes. What an asset to any classroom!
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School Training
Homeschool and Private Family
If your learning Institution does not fit into any of these categories, then please make contact with the developer to negotiate a resolution to your situation. Frances More 610-724-6331 
Internet and Phone Tutorials
Fingerithmatic is definitely going to make a difference in your school, your classroom, your home, your life and most importantly, the life of your child. 

Imagine being able to teach and learn in minutes what normally takes months or years.  

Never, will you be able to learn something so quickly, so effectively, so simply, yet with so much fun again. 

Groups, as well as individuals can be taught in the same time frame.

Exams will be a breeze, all your information will be at hand.

Really learn how to teach basic math facts, spelling and touch-typing. Learn how to apply historical facts, scientific facts and general knowledge facts, to your students' fingers.

Industries will up-skill their workers overnight with this ingenious concept.

Tables, such as the 17 times, can be taught in just 2 minutes with the 16 and 18 built in.

Having memory at your fingertips will give you the facts as you need them.

Multiply without using paper or pen, just look at your fingers.

Amaze your class, your peers, your friends by being able to recall all manner of data without the use of any text book.

This amazing teaching will come true for you too, fill in the boxes below or click on the contact link or email link and you will very soon have your own Fingerithmatic lesson at a price that suits you.

Intellectuals all over the world have been searching for this method of learning for a long time. Most of them will overlook what is at there very own fingertips.

Choose wisely, and don't let the kids miss out.