Qwerty Qwik Multi Sensory Touch Typing Tutor

ISBN # 0-9768234-2-X Qwerty Qwik Multi Sensory TouchTyping Tutor

Unique Multi Sensory Teaching Resources 
Elephants Never Forget their Times Tables

ISBN # 0-9768234-0-3 Elephants Never Forget their Times Tables

Read Quick

Learning to read is going to be so much fun when the fingers are used, not just to turn the pages and hold the book, but to hold the words too.  
Again, only available through professional development courses run by the developer.

Alpha Quick

The alpha quick technique is going to be a real hit with teachers of learning disabled children. It is exciting to see each letter learned the multi sensory way and never forgotten. Recently Frances spent 2 hours with a 6 year old and taught her the technique going from a to g. She was recently tested and only the letters taught to her using this method were retained by the child. Her mother is now seeking further lessons to ensure all the other 19 letters are learned as well.

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Quick States

ISBN# 0976823446 Quick States

Telling the Time on Your Hands

ISBN # 0-9768234-3-8 Telling the Time on Your Hands
Listen to Your Fingers

ISBN # 0-9768234-1-1 Listen to Your Fingers

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.This wonderful 140 page manual covers the Multi-Sensory Technique from how the multi sensory system works to teaching the 2 times table right through to turning the hands into a calculator. Includes number charts, worksheets, games, patterns and assistance for special needs students that will have you wiggling your fingers and possibly your toes for ages. It will bring many hours of learning pleasure to both the student and the teacher. (140 colorful and exciting pages of games, patterns and the beautiful story of the family of elephants including Tama, Tapioca and Sago!!)
 A really quick and effective way to learn how to touch type. This is unlike any other typing programs available, and will have you typing (without searching for keys) in just minutes. Just put the multi-sensory system into action and off you go. No need to have a keyboard with you to practice. QWERTYQWIK Touch-Typing Tutor is in big demand due to its speed and simplicity. Beneficial for young and old alike. It teaches the letters to the fingers, not the fingers to the letters!!!!
Learn the 999 X table in 30 seconds Listen to Your Fingers is written in such a way as to help students themselves learn about the simply amazing Fingerithmatic memory system. It shows the patterns from the 2's to the 12's, addition and subtraction; long multiplication and division. It also shows how to turn the 2 times tables into the 12 times table in less than 10 seconds. Although it was written for the student, it is also a wonderful teacher resource. Every pattern is illustrated and described, ensuring understanding and success.
Does your child, or do the students in your class have problems learning to tell analogue time? Here is help at last, and its at your fingertips. Another multi-sensory teaching aid that uses the body's own senses to learn and remember. This is an invaluable resource for all special needs teachers, teachers and parents alike. This just has to be the fastest way to teach telling the time ever! One 9-year old child said it was worth $1m to him, as it helped him so much.
How would you like your class to be one of the first classes in America to learn all of the 50 states and capital cities in a morning lesson? 
This book is now available through this web site and that of Amazon.com but, if you would like to see this teaching in action, please email Frances as soon as possible for this opportunity. 
Learn to spell using the memory that is naturally in the fingers. For all ages and abilities. You will be surprised at how easy spelling really is and if you forget how to spell a certain word, just look on your fingers again and it will be there. Only one hand is needed for this amazing teaching resource.
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