Spell Quick (The multi sensory way to learn to spell)
Finally the Spell Quick book has been finished and is ready for purchase by the public through this site and hopefully soon also through Amazon.com, However, watch out for imitators.

Our hands and fingers have many parts and each part can retain memory. Any word can be mutlirized onto the fingers and you will have fun learning even very long words. Just follow the simple instructions in the book and you will be spelling such words as inconsequentiality in minutes.

$ 45.95 USD
Scrabble tiles make great learning tools for spelling new words.
Spell Quick was developed specifically for the Waikato District of the North Island of New Zealand.

Frances More was contacted by officials of the district and asked to come and teach her math technique along with developing a significant spelling technique which would bring literacy standards up in the community.
She was asked to teach 20 teachers her methods and these teachers in turn taught the community.

Does your community suffer from illiteracy? 

Would you like the developer to design a program of learning specifically for you and your community? 

Please contact the developer and she will design it for your needs.

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