Internet and Telephone Tutorials are a brilliant way to learn the Fingerithmatic Memory System without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.
In order to take advantage of this offer of your own personal Internet  or Telephone Tutorial, a few things need to take place first.

1.Send an email of your interest, along with your yahoo, msn, skype address and other contact details to the developer. Use the box below.

2. A suitable time for the lesson to take place. Naming suitable days, dates, times etc.

3. The subject has been selected. Fingerithmatic, Qwertyqwik, Spellquick or Time. and paid for using the black links on the right hand side of this web page and paying by Pay Pal. Checks may be used if you don't want to set up a Pay Pal account, but must be cleared before any tuition takes place. Please contact the developer.

4. Level: Beginner, Junior, Intermediate,  Parent or Professional. (See 12).

5. You have received pages necessary for the lesson, these will be provided by the developer through this web site or via email.

6.  You have a pen and paper ready to take brief notes if necessary.

7. You have a web camera and handsfree microphone, (hands will need to be used for the memory system to be taught effectively.)

8. You have signed a non-dislosure confidentiality document. (See and fill in box below.)

9. You have discussed the length of the lesson.

10. Follow up lessons are discounted by 20%.

11. Your language is English.

12. Professional Tutorials allows for use in the classroom by the participating teacher.(2-3 hours)

If a child is being tutored either over the telephone or over the internet, an adult must be present during the entire lesson.
Your privacy is guaranteed.

From a Home Schooling Mother June 2011 after one lesson on SKYPE

Hi Frances

Just wanted to let you know that I've been practising the 6's and 9's etc, with
C and it's actually working!! (I know - you already knew it would!!) We're
both so happy to see results and so quickly. It's been such a struggle
just writing out times tables and saying them by rote etc and then her having no
retention of the info at all, so this is a huge leap. I've been getting
frustrated that C can't seem to retain the basic facts (which numbers make
up 10 etc) and knowing her timestables, and it holds us back from advancing with
more difficult work.

I also got S (8) to practise her spelling list words using her fingers, and
it seemed to help straight away! This is a huge leap for her also. Her
progress with reading/spelling has been slow as it seems her brain is wired
differently to C and R in that dept!! I get so frustrated that she will
sound out a word on one line, but if she comes across it on the next line she
has no recollection of what the word is/sounds are!! It's as if she has never
encountered that word and has to start from scratch and sound it out again. I
can see her problems, but have no idea how to help her overcome them. C and
R (7) have never had these problems, so I haven't had to help them in this
way. Someone suggested using Jolly Phonics, but at the time it seemed a bit
confusing, and regretfully I never pursued it.

My main concerns are the two I've outlined above, so I would appreciate any
help/suggestions you can give. Thanks again so much, and looking forward to
Thursday morning!
All the best,