Frances More International Teaching Systems Inc.

  • Offers:
  •            Times Tables in Minutes
  •            Long Multiplication
  •            Division      
  •            Fractions   (equivalent and improper)
  •            Percentages
  •            Spelling
  •            General Knowledge
  •            Analogue Time               All learnt on the Fingers
  •            Touch Typing
  •            Reading  

  • For all ages and abilities.

  •            Teacher Training
  •            Teacher Aide Training
  •            Whole School Teaching
  •            Classroom Lessons
  •            Parent Information Evenings
  •            Private Tuition for Individuals or Families
  •            Special Needs Assistance
  •            Return Visits to Further Assist Schools (reduced)

  • Contact : Frances More                                      
  • Telephone: 1-610-724-6331
  • Address: 722 Haws Avenue                                        
  • Norristown, Pennsylvania  19401 USA      

  •    Website:

Intellectual Property and Copyright. Strictly the Sole property of Frances More.
Frances, as Systems Developer of this Multi Sensory Technique, holds the legal and moral right to train teachers in her method, however this does not give those teachers legal or moral rights to train other teachers in her method, this would be a clear breach of the above conditions.
The Systems Developer Frances More helping an individual student in a class after a multi sensory lesson. She provides templates of hands for photocopying and use in the school or classroom.
All eyes are on the developer, Frances More and fingers are at the ready to learn the 2 times tables; if you want to know what their teacher said, read the comments on the Media page under The Star Sunday
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