TV3 News Item July 29th 2000

Filming of this technique took place at Hanging Rock in the Opihi Vineyard, South Canterbury, New Zealand.  Children from the neighborhood came along and the skeptical TV3 News camera crew brought with them two girls from Christchurch to make sure no prior involvement could affect  the experiment. The girls were taught by Mrs. More in 10 minutes and one of the girls was able to recall all of the 17 times table faultlessly in that time, however the other made a mistake on one of her fingers which she quickly rectified. The camera and crowd were factors in her nervousness. This was broadcast on the Sunday evening news at the end of the program and lasted 5 minutes. The TV3 news station was inundated with calls for Mrs More's contact details for several years after the broadcast.

They kindly followed up with another news item when she claimed she had discovered a way to teach touch typing in less than half an hour. She was filmed in Dunedin at Green Island School. The children in the "guinea pig" class were filmed touch typing the alphabet blindfolded at the end of the lesson much to the amazement of all present including the students themselves. The principal Joy Clarke was on hand to tell of the success of Fingerithmatic in her school and the positive affects it was having on the math levels in their classrooms. She encouraged all schools to take a look at Mrs.More's program for themselves and see its benefits. She hoped that the government would take it on board as part of the curriculum.

When teaching at Macandrew Intermediate in Dunedin she was again filmed, this time for a local television news station and appeared that same evening.  She also featured on the Internet and in the newspapers.